☕ Unlocking the Craft: The Art of Brewing the Perfect Cup with Imogen's V60 Method

☕ Unlocking the Craft: The Art of Brewing the Perfect Cup with Imogen's V60 Method

Coffee enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a journey of flavour and precision! Ever wondered how to elevate your coffee experience with the V60 method? Today, we're sharing the secrets straight from our talented barista, Imogen, at Trading Post Coffee.

Follow these simple steps, and you'll be sipping on a nuanced and rich cup of perfection in no time.

🔥 Warm-Up: Imogen's process begins with a crucial warm-up to ensure the best possible taste. Wet the filter to remove any unwanted flavours. Pour away the water, leaving the filter ready to impart only the purest essence of Trading Post Coffee.

⚖️ Measure and Add Coffee: Precision is key. Measure out 18g of Trading Post Coffee, specifically ground for the V60 method. This sets the foundation for a balanced and flavoursome cup.

💧 Blooming Stage: Imogen adds filtered water, ideally between 92-96 ºC, allowing the coffee to bloom for 50 seconds. This stage is crucial for releasing the coffee's aromatic compounds and setting the stage for a delightful flavour profile.

🕰️ Gradual Pour: With precision timing, Imogen gradually adds more filtered water throughout the brewing process. At 50 seconds, reach 100g; at 1 minute 50 seconds, hit 200g; and finally, at the 2-minute mark, the total should be 300g. This gradual pouring method ensures a meticulous extraction, resulting in a perfectly balanced cup.

☕✨ Enjoy the Experience: The entire process takes around 3-3.5 minutes, unveiling the craftsmanship behind a nuanced and rich cup of Trading Post Coffee. It's not just a drink; it's an experience—a moment to savour the artistry and dedication put into each cup.

Why not give it a go yourself? You don't need fancy equipment; just grab your Trading Post Coffee (V60 ground), hot water, scales, a V60 dripper, and filters. Imogen's method proves that less is more, and simplicity allows the true flavours of the coffee to shine.

Make sure to say hello to Imogen when you visit Trading Post Coffee Roasters on Kensington Gardens. Her expertise and passion for the craft are sure to enhance your coffee journey!

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