Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper Black - Size 01

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The 01 Hario V60 dripper allows anyone to brew delicious coffee without coffee grounds precipitate. The pure coffee taste is achieved by wetting the paper filter; adding the grounds and pouring the hot water slowly on the top. The drip-style brewing method will enhance the taste of your favourite coffee beans. Allowing you to enjoy a superior cuppa each morning.

Wondering which V60 coffee dripper to choose? With such a wide range to choose from it is not easy. However, the glass V60 dripper may well be the most attractive dripper out there. Hario has earned a reputation as the king of the glass so when you purchase this glass dripper you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Couple this with a bag of coarse ground Trading Post coffee and you will be good to go, find our signature blends here.