Trading Post's Head Barista Louis Harrison to Compete in Southern Regional Heats of 2023 UK Barista Championships

Trading Post's Head Barista Louis Harrison to Compete in Southern Regional Heats of 2023 UK Barista Championships - Trading Post Coffee Roasters

We're proud to announce that our Head Barista & Production Roaster, Louis Harrison, will be competing in the Southern regional heats of the 2023 UK Barista Championships! The competition will take place on February 10th, 2023 at the Chichester Assembly Rooms. Louis Harrison has been with Trading Post for two years and is a key member of the team. He has a passion for coffee and is dedicated to perfecting his craft. Louis has been preparing for this competition for months, experimenting with exciting speciality coffees from across the world and perfecting his brewing skills.

The UK Barista Championship is an annual event that showcases the talents of baristas from across the country. The competition is divided into regional heats, with the winners going on to compete in the national finals. The competition focuses on the barista's skill, knowledge and creativity, as they prepare and serve a range of coffee drinks to a panel of judges. Trading Post is extremely proud to see Louis Harrison showcase his skills and represent the company in the competition. The team wishes him all the best for the Southern regional heats and the national finals.

Some words from Louis: 

“I started my career in coffee in the same way many do, as a means to make some money while studying. During my time working behind a bar, pulling shots and steaming milk,  I began to appreciate the detail and technicality behind the barista’s craft. There was far more to it than initially meets the eye, and I quickly understood how much of the barista’s skill is reflected in the finished drink. 

I’ve always been attracted to niche specialisms, so the further I fell down the rabbit hole; reading books, and watching videos, the more I learnt about how interesting and exciting this simple drink could be. I saw that there was a whole world and community within the specialty coffee industry that I previously had no idea about, and with that, there was a wealth of knowledge to learn.

While I explored the opportunities available to me; taking on roles in training, maintenance, and roasting, I became more passionate about performing to the absolute best of my ability. This is where competition started to play a role in my life. I started to hone in on perfecting my technique, focussing intently on the minutia that could make all the difference. I explored different coffees, and learnt to appreciate all the subtle differences between every drink I came across.

Leading up to the UKBC Heats, I’ve worked closely with my team at Trading Post Coffee Roasters to choose the most exceptional coffee; one that I can’t wait to present. With sweetness and clarity at the forefront, I’m confident that as a team we’ve worked to develop an espresso and routine that the judges will love, and will be a strong contender on the day.”

Good luck Louis! We'll be cheering! 

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