Mountain Water – Decaf Coffee Beans

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Tasting Notes: Apply & Toasted Nuts

Origins: Central America

Roast Profile: Medium Roast

Sugar content: Sugar Free

No caffeine... No problem.

Decaf Coffee Beans

The Mountain Water decaf coffee process is a natural and environmentally friendly method for removing caffeine from coffee beans. This process preserves the incredible flavour and aroma of decaf coffee beans. This results in a top-quality decaf that drinks and tastes like a regular artisan coffee. 

Unlike other decaf coffees that use chemicals or solvents, the Mountain Water decaf coffee process only uses water and carbon filters. This makes Mountain Water a completely chemical-free option for decaf lovers who are conscious about the environment. 

  • The process involves soaking green coffee beans in hot water to extract the caffeine and other soluble compounds.
  • The resulting solution, which contains both caffeine and flavour compounds, is then passed through a carbon filter that selectively removes caffeine while leaving the other flavour compounds intact.
  • The filtered solution, which is now free of caffeine, is then used to soak a new batch of green coffee beans, which will absorb the flavour compounds but not the caffeine.
  • This process is repeated until the desired level of decaffeination is achieved.

If you're a planet conscious coffee drinker who’s looking for delicious decaf coffee beans, Mountain Water is a must try. 

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based on various observational studies

Decaf Coffee For A Healthy Body

✔ Antioxidants: Decaf coffee is full of antioxidants that can help protect your body from damage caused by free radicals. This means you're giving your body a healthy boost every time you enjoy a cup of decaf coffee!

✔ Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes: Regular consumption of decaf coffee has been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

✔ Reduced risk of liver disease: Drinking decaf coffee may also help reduce your risk of liver disease, including liver cancer and cirrhosis. So, by sipping on a cup of decaf, you're potentially taking steps to protect your liver health!

✔ Lower risk of stroke: Research suggests that drinking decaf coffee may help lower your risk of stroke.

✔ Reduced risk of depression: Drinking decaf coffee has been linked to a reduced risk of depression.

Mountain Water Decaf coffee beans are a delicious and healthy choice for coffee lovers who want to avoid the stimulating effects of caffeine. By choosing decaf coffee beans, you're reaping a range of health benefits while still enjoying the rich flavour of freshly roasted artisan coffee!

Perfect Decaf Coffee Beans! We searched far and wide for an excellent decaf coffee... the search is over. Freshly roasted decaf coffee beans with a lovely smooth, yet rich flavour.

liz, luton

Lovely decaf coffee! Great decaf coffee and nice to know it's decaffeinated using a natural method. Perfect fine grind for my home espresso machine.

Isabella, Hove

Best decaf beans we have yet come across. You would not know this wasn't regular coffee

Charlie, Farnham