The Ultimate Home Espresso Machine

The Ultimate Home Espresso Machine - Trading Post Coffee Roasters

The Ultimate Home Espresso Machine

We've teamed up with our partners Pro Espresso to offer the iconic Rocket Appartamento to our loyal customers from just £40 per month! With minimalist design and superb build quality, the Rocket Appartamento is the ultimate home espresso machine. 

The Appartamento is a heat exchange unit with espresso brew temperature maintained by the commercial E61 Group Head. A small footprint and straight side panels featuring a circular design make this the perfect unit when looking to maximise bench space. Within the price, you'll also receive a complimentary 3 month Trading Post Coffee Roasters subscription!
Visit the Pro Espresso site today for more details:


Complimentary 3 month coffee subscription is only available when the Rocket Appartamento is purchased using the 'Order Now' link above. Please contact us for your subscription discount code after purchase so we can ensure you have freshly roasted artisan coffee for when your new machine arrives!

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