How to use the AeroPress! (easy step by step video and instructions)

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AeroPress at home

The AeroPress is one of our favourite coffee brewers to use at home. Its simple, iconic, quick, easy to clean and incredibly useful when traveling. This easy to use brewing method will leave you with a rich a full bodied cup to get you going in the morning. 

The AeroPress has such a following, there’s even an AeroPress World Championships! Each season is comprised of a series of regional and national competitions, run by independent hosts across 60 countries, which culminates with the World AeroPress Championship final. Fancy yourself as the next champ? Get practising! The AeroPress is available from our online store today! 🏆

What you will need:

  • AeroPress and paper filter
  • 15g fresh ground coffee
  • Kettle
  • Fresh water
  • Timer 
  • Stirrer
  • Decanter

Digital scales would also be ideal, but we understand that not all households have scales available - so for this demo, we'll keep it simple. 

How to Brew:


Fill up your kettle and pop onto boil.

While your kettle is boiling, assemble your AeroPress by placing a paper filter into the black cap and screwing into place on the brew chamber/base.

Once the water has boiled use a little bit to rinse the paper filter & pour the excess water away. 


Weigh out 15g of coarse ground coffee, with a similar consistency to caster sugar. Add your ground coffee to brewer chamber and tap the sides to level the coffee bed.


Place the AeroPress onto the decanter.


Quarter fill the AeroPress with boiled water. Make sure your water is saturating and rising dry patches of ground coffee. You can now stir the coffee, but be careful not to disturb the paper filter in the bottom of the cap.


Leave for 30 seconds. This process is called blooming and allows the Co2 to escape. 



Now add boiling water leaving a small gap at the top, then insert the plunger (but don't plunge). 


Leave to brew for 2 minutes. 


Carefully apply pressure to the plunger over 30 seconds. 


Remove the AeroPress from the top of your decanter/mug, remove the cap and discard your coffee puck and filter paper into the compost bin.

10. (the most important step...)

Enjoy your coffee!!

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Written by:

Meghan Stimpson 

Trading Post Coffee Roasters


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