Camionetta by El Carmen, Single Origin

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Introducing Camionetta by El Carmen, Single Origin

TASTING NOTES: Maple Syrup, Peach & Lemon Sorbet 

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Pitalito, Huila

PRODUCER: El Carmen - Red Association

FARM: La Milagosa

ALTITUDE: 1680 masl

ROAST: Filter Roast

VARIETY: Yellow Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Castillo, Colombia

PROCESS: Camionetta Anoxic-Washed



Single Origin: Camionetta

Produced by Leoncio Anibal España, a remarkable coffee
producer from the vereda of Chillurco in Pitalito, Huila. His farm, La Milagosa, meaning 'The Marvellous,' is situated at an altitude of 1680 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of the Magdalena River's tributaries and streams.

Originally from Putumayo, Colombia, Leoncio had to flee
due to internal conflict and financial difficulties. Settling
in Pitalito ten years ago, he began growing coffee on La
Milagosa. With great success, he introduced Pink Bourbon trees, showcasing fantastic adaptation to the soil and high cherry yields. Additionally, he cultivates Caturra, Castillo,
and Colombia varieties.

This incredible Colombian coffee paints a remarkable
story of resilience and hope in every cup.


Anoxic Washed

Leoncio’s harvest is first washed to remove debris, and to separate low density cherries which float, from the higher quality, denser fruit. The cherries are placed in plastic bags to reduce oxidation post picking, and then transported from Huila to our dedicated processing station, Finca Jamaica in Caldas.

This process takes approximately 72 hours due to the distance, and interestingly the journey acts as a fermentation resting period that allows the cherries to ferment in an anaerobic environment. On arrival at Jamaica the cherries are washed again before pulping, in preparation for a 48 hour secondary fermentation in an anoxic environment using the Water Pillow Process.

The coffee is then dried on raised beds until it reaches 20 - 25% humidity before being finished in a parchment powered deep bed mechanical dryer at 40 degrees celsius.

Coffee Fermentation

Anaerobic / Anoxic

Fermentation is the process of yeast and bacteria converting glucose into organic acids, ethanol, carbon dioxide and other compounds. It is the foundation of wine processing, beer brewing, and creating a starter for sourdough bread. This process happens without oxygen. Oxygen is not required for fermentation to take place. ‘Anaerobic’ refers to microorganisms that can live without oxygen, and the metabolism they use is also known as ‘anaerobic’. This means fermentation is fundamentally anaerobic. Fermentation is the anaerobic respiration of microbes. Therefore, as fermentation designer Lucia Solis regularly comments, labelling fermentation as ‘anaerobic’ is akin to labelling water ‘wet’.

 Anoxic has been proposed as the more accurate alternative, with sound logic. Anoxic refers to the condition of an environment where there is no molecular oxygen. While both anaerobic and anoxic essentially mean 'oxygen-free', in the field of microbiology it is considered more accurate to use 'anoxic' to describe an oxygen-free environment. In this case, fermentation is an anaerobic respiration in an anoxic environment.