Agua Iglesia by Familia Bolaños, Single Origin

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Introducing Agua Iglesia by Familia Bolaños, Single Origin

TASTING NOTES: Honeycomb, Orange & Milk Chocolate 

ORIGIN: Mexico

REGION: Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca

PRODUCER: Familia Bolaños

ALTITUDE: 1500 masl

ROAST: Specialty Roast

VARIETY: Typica, Mundo Novo & Bourbon





Single Origin: Agua Iglesia

Welcome to Agua Iglesia, a captivating small town nestled in the remote Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca. Here, coffee producers cultivate their precious crops on small plots of land, facing the challenges of a rugged terrain and cool temperatures. Despite the hardships, the coffee from this region boasts some of the most complex and highest quality flavours in all of Mexico.

The Sierra Mazateca, with its mystic elements and rich culture, adds an enchanting allure to this secluded region. Although rarely visited and often neglected in the coffee world, the dedication of the community-led producer group, led by Felipe Palacios, aims to bring Mazatecan coffee to the specialty market, creating a sustainable and profitable supply chain for their coffees.

Agua Iglesia is a truly unique coffee experience, led by the resilience of the farmers, the cultural richness of the Mazateco language, and the captivating flavours of the frost-kissed coffee beans all coming together to create an unforgettable cup. 

High Specialty

Against All Odds

The Sierra Mazateca Mountain range is located to the north of Oaxaca city and forms much of the state’s border with Veracruz. The region is very remote, hard to access and marked by its steep and dramatic topography. The Mazateca is also known for its more mystic elements with a strong culture of shamanism and psychoactive mushrooms that saw it become an unlikely centre for alternative tourism in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Today the region is rarely visited, and even in the coffee world it is often neglected due to the challenging conditions, remote locations, and small production. Coffee is generally grown at 1500 metres and above in the Mazateca and at this latitude, these altitudes experience very low temperatures making frost damage a real issue for producers.

We're very proud to roast Agua Iglesia, a high specialty coffee which is a true labour of love, and an exceptional coffee experience that was crafted against all odds.